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About us

SomeBash-An open conversation

We are an open community of like minded Indians from different spheres of life from IT to Accounting, from students to retired seniors, living in Europe. We come together to discuss the real Indian CASH – Culture, Art, Societal issues and History.

With a multitude of mushrooming Indian organizations in Europe- each for their own language, region, we aim to bring them all together to one common platform to have an open conversation, while they continue to operate in complete autonomy.

SomeBash is derived from the Sanskrit word “Sambashan” which means conversation. We believe that our forum will present several opportunities to have “SomeBash-An open conversation”. Also, our forum is for those Some (who) Bash India for its culture and history. We hope to enlighten them with facts  and history rather than stories and gossip.

Our programs include lectures, debates, concerts, published papers etc. We work with and support IndiRaga, whose specialized focus is on Indian performing arts.

We are neither a political organization nor a religious organization.


  • Help our followers develop a better understanding of Indian culture and practices, that are still relevant today and build on cultural and corporate diversity.
  • Myth-bust on several misunderstood practices in India.
  • Empower the next generation by increasing awareness.
  • Unify all Indian culture related events and celebrations in the BeNeLux region.

The Indian embassy link is purely for the easy access for the NRI’s visiting our portal. We are neither affiliated nor receive support currently.

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