Somebash proudly presents the Tale of Temple Trails, live with Anjali George.

Anjali George is a writer and a preservationist who is extremely passionate and ardent about the preservation of Indic and indigenous cultures. She is one of the pioneers behind the ‘#ReadyToWait’ movement, that was launched to ascertain the rights of the indigenous women in opposition to a politically motivated attack on the tradition of Sabarimala temple. She serves on the Board of Frankfurt City’s Council of religions, Indic Collective, and Shaktitva foundation. She is also the chairperson of People for Dharma.

Come, and discover with us and engage in an intriguing discussion of history not written in books erased from our libraries, but known only to historians, or those who dig deep to find the source of the matter. Let us dig deeper to understand what is happening in our society and which of the stories carry the truth- exclusively on our youtube channel on August 1, 2020 at 10:00 am CET | 13:30 IST.



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Tale of temple trails- Live with Anjali George