Somebash brings to you an interesting discussion on Ayurveda and its application in Europe using local western plants with specialists Dr Ranjini Mayichery and Ms. Alice Rousell. Together, we will engage in an informative discussion on various practical applications of the age old Indian practical science.

Dr.Ranjini Mayichery obtained her degree in Ayurveda from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health sciences, Bangalore, India, post graduate Diploma in clinical research (PGDCR) from ICRI, Bangalore, India and Post graduate diploma in yoga-therapy for doctors (PGDYTD) from SVYASA University, Bangalore, India. Additionally she has obtained a Master Accreditation in Neuro Linguistic Programming. During the 17 years of her career as an Ayurvedic physician she worked for Ayurveda Kendra, New Delhi, India, NRHM India, Kerala Ayurveda, India, Dhanvanthari sadanam, Kerala, India. She has given workshops and presentations about Ayurveda and yoga in India, Germany & Belgium.

In the year of 2016, she started Ayuryogamantra , Belgium to keep up her passion and spread the healing touch of Ayurveda and Yoga in Belgium. Healthy mind and healthy body for all irrespective of rich and poor is the motto of Ayuryogamantra.

Currently she is working as Indian Affairs coordinator and International Counselor at KU Leuven University FET Campus Group T and an active member of KU Leuven Lifestance Network.

Alice Rousell, born in Toulon, France, then went on to live in Germany and the Netherlands, before landing to Belgium for a living. Her father used to be a pupil from Zen Master Deshimaru and as a linguist, dove into Buddhist texts and philosophy, which led him to Bodhi Dharma, Buddha & hence, India. He taught Alice a motto “always dig to the source”. She learnt about Western philosophers, especially the Humanists, who taught about learning everything and not limiting yourself to one subject, learnt zen meditation and the circulation of Qi, the Chinese transcription for the vital source of energy. From this, she went to study Alchemy and studied the common aspects of West and East in order to build a bridge between the two. She has been studying wild plants and this led her to meet Dr. Ranjini  to learn about Ayurvêda properties and realize the struggles of Ayurveda to get recognized in a serious way. 

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Ayurvedic Application in Europe using local western plants