Hard hitting questions, policies to politics, history to history makers, entrepreneurs to professors, Sombash has it all. We select the best of guests who offer us knowledge, experience and more importantly- information to make a rational, scientific judgement without diluting the message. One such person who is doing a fabulous job is none other than Ashish Dhar.

Ashish Dhar is becoming a household name for many in India and abroad with Upword’s popularity. For those few who are unable to place our guest, we will refresh your memory. Ashish Dhar is the co-founder of Pragyata and Upword.

Pragyata, is an e-learning platform which provides courses by NPTEL (MHRD initiative) on topics like Astronomy & Ayurveda, to courses by individual stalwarts like Michel Danino on Indian Ethics & values, SS Toshkhani on Kashmir Shaivism, Udhav Sureka – Advaita Vedanta & our very Belgian Prof. Koenraad Elst on decolonisation of India. Several of these courses can be learnt for free or for a small gurudakshina (pay what you feel like).

The most recent venture is co-founded Upword, which is a not-for-profit knowledge platform that provides well-researched content in the form of short videos that articulate a coherent response to the major challenges faced by the planet. The content is presented by reputed domain experts.

Since 2017 he has been associated with Indic collective as Operations Director.

Ashish left the corporate life 9 years ago to make a social and national impact, which he definitely has accomplished.

Somebash is very proud and honored to have Ashish Dhar, live with us on July 11, 2020 at 10:00 CET| 13:30 IST.



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Up close with Up word – live with Ashish Dhar