Somebash is proud to have have a live discussion with Kayal, Founder of Essential Traditions by Kayal. As an NRI, she choose to come back to Chennai with an intention of building a brand that is not only economically beneficial but is also meaningful enough to leave a mark on the society. This intention fusing with the relevance of the traditions she grew up practicing led to the birth of Essential Traditions. 

Essential Traditions is a traditional cookware brand that aims at inspiring people to stay connected with their roots and follow the cooking methods of our ancestors. Today, Essential Traditions work with resources like Clay, Soapstone, Iron, Cast Iron, Copper, Bronze and Brass. Under each of these resource categories, close to 60-70 rural artisans work together, bringing to life hand-crafted kitchen utensils that would make your grandmother proud.

The brand’s relevance and awareness is all the more crucial today. In the age of energy crisis and hazardous chemicals coating most conventional utensils, Essential Traditions presents the buyer with a safe, effective and mindful option that can be put to use for generations without presenting even a single hazard to your loved ones and the environment.

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Exclusively live on on July 27, 2020 at 10:00 CET | 13:30 IST.



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