Somebash proudly invites you to a intriguing session with Belgian Professor, Dr Koenraad Elst on how “Dharma takes roots in Europe”.

Prof Elst, is said to have embarked on a quest for truth in his late teens which brought him to India. He has made some seminal contributions through his scholarly research such as his dissertation thesis: ”Decolonizing the Hindu mind”, “Negationism in India: concealing the record of Islam”.

Prof Elst, happened to be in Varanasi, India during the thick of things when the Rama-Janma Bhumi movement was beginning to gather. Prof. Shankar Sharan writes: During those times, when the movement was driven through emotional appeal or from traditional lore, Prof. Elst who was drawn to it made seminal contributions collecting facts towards building a case that have been used to argue in the court of law in India. The book published in 1991, “Ayodhya and after: issues before Hindu society” thoroughly rebuts the claims of Marxist historians. The learned say: there is no left historian who can stand ground in a debate about the Rama-Janma Bhumi issue with Prof. Elst. 

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Dharma strikes roots in Europe