SomeBash proudly invites you for a sambhashan (संभाषण) and Q&A session with Mr.T.R. Ramesh, a prolific crusader for preserving the ancient Hindu temples in India and their religious and administrative traditions. Mr T.R.Ramesh, a keen researcher in Hindu Temple practices and the Indian law relating to religious practices and charities, he will share his works and thoughts and elaborate on the current situation of Hindu temples in India from a legal perspective and will also elucidate the politics around Government control of Hindu temples.

He is currently the President of Temple Worshippers Society and Indic Collective Trust.

Mr Ramesh, was a part of Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s team from 2009-2014 that successfully helped retrieve the “Chidambaram Temple” in Tamil Nadu from Government control. He is currently coordinating the Swami Dayananda Saraswathi case in the Supreme Court of India, which is fighting for the release of temples in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana and Pondicherry from the shackles of the Government.

In 2011, he left his executive job at Citibank and choose to dedicate his life to preserving and protecting the ancient Indian temples and free them from the hands of the Government’s unlawful and abject control – especially the HR&CE Department of Tamil Nadu and other similar boards in the rest of the country. He took up this effort as several temple lands, temple funds were being redirected away from their original planned or intended usage, including giving it away to politicians, Christian missionaries and Muslim Madarsas etc. It is worthy of noting here that, no other religious institutions of other religions despite their scale or accusations of mismanagement of funds etc, have been brought under Government Law similar to the HR&CE.

Join us in a rational, pragmatic, interactive session to understand the situation of temples in India, the denial of Basic Constitutional Religious and Administrative Rights, surrounding legal aspects, struggles and efforts that are undergoing to preserve them.

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