An Open conversation


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Dear Readers,

In todays fast paced world, where one does not stop to think, analyze and decide, we solely rely that the news and facts we read are true and accurate. So many times, we have no other option but to believe what we read – half baked information.

This is where we come in. We are a group of Indian intellectuals from all spheres of life- accounting to IT, from students to retired seniors. We come together to discuss real Indian CASH- Culture, Art, Societal issues and History and help increase awareness.

We plan to organize lectures and debates with scholars in Europe and India, concerts, share relevant information, raise funds for causes we believe in etc. Together, this group is for all Indians and those interested in learning more about India.

As the name goes “SomeBash” or Somebashan” means dialogue, which we are open to. We are neither a religious nor a political group. So if you are looking to have some nice time and get to know some real facts, welcome to SomeBash-an open conversation.

Follow us to know more about our events and our meet ups.

Team SomeBash


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